Sunday, June 22, 2008

the score

is an experiment in the public area of the City Hall plaza, architecturally designed to be a meeting place for the population of the city or Rotterdam.

the score for the performance sets the places of action and the basic action, as the group of dancers moves from inward & group-oriented to outward and environment oriented, but still with an undercurrent of group-awareness and collaboration.

it can be seen as an experimental wheel going through every gradation between private & public expression, individually and as a group of participants/performers.

an important influence has been Elaine Summers' seminal piece "Energy Changes" which guided the performers through all levels of dance and performance, back in 1971 and a.o. performed at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1973 as an intermedia piece

>> I am interested in HOW the single phases will be realised by the dancers each time, how will the public react. etc.
>> also, I am interested in strategies that will involve the public more closely as co-creators of the resulting dance. after all, we are asking for a part of public space, so what does the public get in return?

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